Frequently Asked Questions


Do you know yet the number of teams and what division teams you will have for certain birth years?

Unfortunately, we won’t have a better idea of what teams we will have until we are closer to tryouts. New teams come to our club, teams might move up or down a division, as well as new players will be coming to tryouts will all impact the number of teams and what division they play in.

How will the new calendar year rule affect my child?

 Beginning Fall 2016, all competitive teams will have to play by their birth year and not year in school. All the teams playing in Heartland, the state and nationally will be affected by this rule change. Teams will be formed based on age and ability which will be determined at tryouts.

How will this effect teams that already have players playing up? With this still be allowed?

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When will tryout dates be?

 Tryouts for Fall 2016/Spring 2017 season will be held June 10-12, 2016 at Shawnee Mission East High School. Birth year 2007 and younger will begin on Friday night June 10th. For birth year 2006 and older, tryouts will be Saturday and Sunday. The tryout schedule will be posted on our website in May.

With the group of kids with ’02 birth year how will that work? Will you still select a team based on fall ’02 birthdays and spring ’02 birthdays? The reason I ask is because my daughter is December of ’02 so she will be in 8th grade next year. The ’02 spring and summer birthdays a lot will be going into high school. So do you think you will combine teams in the spring or split the ’02’s?

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How or where do I locate information on coaches and what age groups? How do I contact them?

We have added to our website a list of all coaches for both of the boys and girls competitive teams. Feel free to reach out to a coach to ask questions about their teams.