OPSC Competitive & Academy Soccer Tryouts


Tryout information for parents

For competitive soccer, the entire playing year starts at tryouts. OPSC and every club in the region will hold tryouts the second weekend of June. Everyone wishing to play competitive soccer through OPSC needs to attend tryouts unless you’ve worked out specific permission through your coach. We’ll have multiple tryout sessions, so don’t worry if your player can’t make one due to a conflict.

A list of existing OPSC teams will be posted on our website and at www.tryoutcentral.com and updated regularly. Be sure to check for your player’s age group and check back for updates.

With this year’s age group realignments being handed down from the national level all the way to our league, it will be especially important that every player is present at tryouts this year. Several teams will experience personnel changes and it will be important for players to be present to make sure they are placed with the best team possible.

All players are welcome to attend tryouts, whether or not they have ever played for OPSC. Players looking for a new team will be identified for all coaches within the age group to meet and evaluate. From there, all coaches in the age group will work together to find the best placement for as many players as possible in that age group.

This year is going to bring many changes for players across the region. Coaches, members of the OPSC Coaching Committee and OPSC board members will be available throughout the entire process to answer any questions you might have.

As always, our goal is to provide the best soccer experience for the lowest cost in the region. Please let us know how we can help.



Tryout schedule to be posted here in May